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A lot of of the massive companies are now searching for homeshore workers versus offshore workers. Aside from a parent who horribly abused you whilst growing-up i.e.- sexually/rape, violence, I can’t excuse any denial or compassion towards them throughout their old-age even if they can act like an old-fart from time to time, who wouldn’t be grumpy, realizing their days are numbered their well being is gone/going, spouse they were with forever has died, most of their pals are dead or moved/incapaciatated/changed, and so forth.

Months later we then received a letter from our mortgage company saying that they were sorry that they could not assist us but at this time we are considered a liability and they would re- write our note and escrow our taxes 2 ½ years which would add an further 1000 dollars a month to our mortgage payment generating it 3000 dollars a month for our mortgage payment.

The lead-up to war intensified with a fake PR campaign about Iraqis ripping babies from Kuwaiti incubators (a creation of the notorious Hill & Knowlton, whose then-Canadian head is Trudeau’s new ambassador to Washington.). It also featured an specifically pugnacious Joe Clark top the charge as Canada’s External Affairs Minister, from which perch he said Canada would fight with or without UN authorization.

The chart above, from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, shows that the average cost of a detached property in Vancouver has surged by more than 30% in there previous year to more than C$1.8 million (for a clearer view of this chart click right here ). The epic surge in Vancouver prices pushed RBC’s affordability measure for the Vancouver location to 87.6 per cent in 1Q15, the worst ever recorded anywhere in Canada.

Video evidence and testimony from dissidents in Saudi Arabia have confirmed that the regime uses LAVs (light armoured automobiles) mounted with machine guns to kill demonstrators – the same sort of LAVs that have lengthy been purchased from Canada and a new generation of which is slated to roll off the assembly line in London, Ontario by year’s finish.